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Place of Interest

Art Center

The outstanding feature of Jagatnatha Temple in Denpasar is its towering padmasana (lotus throne) shrine proclaiming royalty to the deity Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, head of the goodly gatherings on Bali. this is a choice place to observe full moon ceremony.

Air Sanih

Located 17 kilometers from Singaraja town, the cool sea shore attraction offers a tranquil black sand beach, which is enjoyable for swimming. the main attraction of Air Sanih is a natural swimming pool of fresh water upsurge from an underground spring.

Banjar Hot Spring

Another dazzling tourist attraction offers fresh water springs, located in northern part of Bali. Banjar as a center of activity for Balinese people in ngambel ( running their customes ).

Batu Bulan

Just out from Denpasar one the road to Ubud is a small village where stone statues of terrible fange demons, noble warriors and animal of all shapes and sizes and at all stage of completion rest under the shady trees. From the young boys to the old men, all seem to be accomplished stone carver in Batu Bulan.

Batur Volcano

The still smoking peak of Mt. Batur stretch up in the middle of a huge volcanic crater basin. In 1926 during a violent eruption the original village of Batur at the southern foot of the mountain was totally destroyed. The people moved up onto the high ridge overlooking their original home, and rebuilt their temple, Pura Ulun Danu Which is one of the most impressive temple on the island.


In the western highlands of Bali is the serene mountain area of Bedugul where vegetables, fruits and flowers thrive in the alpine climate and the colorful little market offers a wide selection of produce including exotic strawberries.

Besakih Mother temple

The holiest temple in Bali, Besakih on the slopes great Mount Agung, is the focal point for all Balinese Hindus. In the 1979 the great 100 year ceremony of Eka Dasa Rudra, a sacrificial purification ceremony of the massive proportion was held there. Besakih is a complexes of about 30 temples, the main one being Pura Penataran Agung, which shiva, the Hindu holy trinity, in the main courtyard.

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa is an entryway to east Bali. Compared to the resort in southern part of Bali. Candi Dasa is much simpler as it still offers an escape from the hassles of the more populated.


The center of gold and silver works, noted for it delicately detailed work and fine filigree style silver pieces. Several hundred silversmiths make their home here and they are willing to fulfill special orders.


Denpasar is the larges city on the island, the center of commerce and government administration. The main street of the old town Jalan Gajah mada is the major commercial center of shops. banks and restaurants and back into the pasar Badung Market place, a sprawling complex of stall with every imaginable commodity available.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

GWK is the newest statue, but still under construction. located in the souther coast of Bali on the way to Uluwatu Temple with it immense size, the GWK is expected to draw the attention of potential visitors within wide area of sight.

Goa Gajah

A thousand year heritage with a ganesha (elephant headed God) statue inside, often call the Elephant Cave. Near by there is a beautifully carved bathing place and the remains buddhist monastery.

Goa Lawah

A cave with thousand bats in habitants located inside a temple courtyard. The temple is on the south coast road on the way to Candi Dasa beach.

Gunung Kawi

Just two kilometers from Tampak siring is an ancient complex of rock hewn temple hidden in beautiful valley. legend has it that they were carved by a giant using his finger nail. The impressive facades have no interior and served as memorial for deified royalty. There is also an extensive monastery with many Carved niches for holy men in the cliff face. The complex was established in the 11th century.

Jati Luwih

Approximately 20 kilo meters from Tabanan town. The road climb up high into the hills to a small village named Jati Luwih At height of 850 above the sea level. The view here is one of the finest imaginable. Bali terrace paddy fields stretch in endless contours over hills and valleys as fa as the eye can see.


1500 meters about sea level, the village of Kintamani has a cool damp climate suited to growing orange and passion fruit,and on market day, the main street becomes a bustling chaos of vendors, some of whom have traveled vast distances carrying their wares on horse back.


The village of kerambitan, south-west of Tabanan, was one an extension of the ruling raja’s court, and and is still a cultural strong hold, with music groups maintaining ancient customs of music and dancing, using unique bamboo instrument.


The most well known tourist resort of Indonesia, On the western side of the narrow isthmus which lead to the Bukit Peninsula is the famed Kuta Beach.Its lovely sunset are enticing. Originally a sleeping fishing village, Kuta has developed into a busy holiday resort, with hotels, restaurants, discos and shops of all sizes intermingled with local family compounds. The surf is ideal for board riding and body surfing. most favourit place for junior surfer.


Lovina is the name of a beach in Kalibubuk, the name of Lovina come from the word ‘love Indonesia’ beach. located 12 kilo meters to the west of Singaraja. The location is peaceful and its beach is still natural. There many pleasant guest houses to accommodate you.

Lembongan Island

Lembongan Island located about 20 kilo meters due east of Sanur and two hours by motor boat is one of Bali’s three sister islands, White sand and crystal clear and expectionally cool water is the home of assorted fish and marine vegetation. under water grottos are the wonder of this area.


Some of the most talented wood carvers on the island live in Mas, and in the workshop they can be found groups of young workers supervised by elderly men, busy chiselling away. Topeng masks, with their versatile range of expressions and personalities are also carved by the masters in Mas.


Located about 72 kilo meters west of Denpasar, A rural area of of rugged natural beauty with one of the best place for surfing on high, long rolling wave.Spectacular sunset and romance to the tropical evening. Visit can be made to the Bali Barat National Park with excellent hikes and diving. There are pleasant hotel and restaurant ready to welcome and serve you.

Museum Le Mayeur

Located in Sanur,This is the Dutch Painter Museum Le Mayeur who lived there and manage with Ni Polok, One of the best dancer In Bali. In this Museum visitors can see many Mayeur’s painting.


Providing the western gate t Bali, and only a short ferry ride away from Java, is the province of Jembrana. Here, is the main town of Negara, an exciting spectacle take place each year the traditional of ‘ Mekepung’ trill packed bull race which draw large crowds keen to witness and bet on the spectacle.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a beach resort with white sandy beaches. the site has been throughfully planned to avoid the usual pitfalls of modern development. The site has many attraction : it is in the sunnies part of Bali, the beach are amazingly beautiful, a coral reef protects the bay from the ocean. Nusa Dua area has many hotels with five star standard and it is also the site of one of the biggest shopping and entertainment complexes in Bali.

Pura Jagatnatha

The outstanding feature of Jagatnatha Temple in Denpasar is its towering padmasana (lotus throne) shrine proclaiming royalty to the deity Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, head of the goodly gatherings on Bali. this is a choice place to observe full moon ceremony.


Families of monkeys inhabit the secret nutmeg forest of Sangeh an fearless wander the temple and village. It doesn’t pay to hide peanuts in your pockets as these monkeys are not shy, and would not think twice about jumping on your shoulders so as to get a closer look.


Sanur, south east of Denpasar, has become an international resort, with hotel complexes offerings first class accommodation and every modern facility to visiting tourists. Village life goes on very much as usual and in the evenings the strains of practicing local Gamelan orchestras can be heard wafting through the night air. Fisherman wonder the beach and the colorful outrigger canoes can be hired to visit out lying islands.

Taman Ayun Temple

The temple of Taman Ayun is in Bali’s Mengwi district. the name Taman Ayun means ‘beautiful garden’.There are many interesting features of both the temple and the gardens. The temple building are filled with decoration, reliefs and statues of the Nine Gods. The temple and the grounds were restored in 1937. There is a calm tranquil feeling in the cool gardens with beautiful ponds. The temple is approx 18 kilometers from Denpasar on the way to Singaraja via Bedugul. A cultural performance is held every afternoon in Pura Taman Ayun.

Tanah lot

Carved out of the landscape by tides, winds and rain, the huge offshore sentinel rock of Tanah Lot is the site of a picturesque sea temple. there is the bridge connecting the main land and bellow the water line there are reputed to be large caves, which shelter large sea snake, the guardian of the temple.


Trunyan is an ancient ‘Baliage ‘ village which lies on eastern shore of the lake Batur. the village still retains its ancient tradition of numerous life cycle rituals and taboos which provided a rich source of study in antrophology. It is usually reached by boat across the lake of Kintamani. public transport are available providing that you start from Denpasar or Singaraja.

Tirta Gangga

Thirta Gangga is the site of a beautiful palace by water. the palace offer a great peace and contains a network of pool and a swimming pool fed by a natural spring. surrounded by some of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali.


On the southern coast of Bali is towering table land of Bukit, which drop dramatically into the sea at the sheer cliff of Uluwatu. The ancient temple Of Pura Luhur Uluwatu locate here, is populated by a friendly tribe of monkeys. Uluwatu Beach is one of the best surfing spots in the world because it has an almost perfect surfing break all year around.


Ubud is a center of the art and located 25 kilometers from Denpasar to the north. the place is spectacularly set among lush rice paddies and the stunning hillside of central Bali. Ubud harbors a number of palaces and temple, museum, and art galleries.