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Uluwatu Sunset Tours

Uluwatu Temple Sunset Tours US$ 35

(Price is per car inclusive a private vehicle, Petrol, Parking and English speaking driver)
Duration Time 5-7 Hours
Departure Time 14:30 PM


Padang Padang Beach.
Padang Padang is a beautiful beach paradise carved out from the lush greenery of Indonesia. Walking down a steep stone cliff you see a glowing sea of green blue water. It is such an exquisite site frequented by Australian surfers, Balinese women chopping and selling coconuts to beach-goers, and sand-crusted tourists.


Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple, Ulu in Balinese mean Top, Watu it’s mean stone. This temple built in 11th century by Javanese priest Empu Kuturan or well known with Empu Raja Kerta. The temple located in south western tip of peninsula, up to the blue sea cliff approximately 100 meters high, the best place to view of the sunset. In 16 century another Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha visit this temple and add more building, he retreated to this temple for his final life, when he attained Moksha or freedom. The temple has very agresive monkey colony. Uluwatu temple entrance ticket US$ 2/person.


Kecak and Fire Dance
Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple, A Kecak performance is very simple. The men’s chorus chants the words Cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak, in rhythm, over and over again, For this reason they are called the Kecak or Cak dance. The Kecak dances consist of about fifty men wearing only a loin-cloth, the upper part of their bodies left bare. They form rows of circles, in the middle of which is a coconut oil lamp. The Kecak dance is performed for dance-dramas and the story presented is take from the Ramayana epic. Kecak and Fire Dance at uluwatu cost US$ 7/person.


Jimbaran Seafood Dinner
Jimbaran Bay for Dinner, Jimbaran located in south of airport, the beach has white sand. The area originally fishing Village with fish market. Now there are luxury hotel built, Bali Intercontinental Resort and Four Season Resort. Jimbaran bay well known with beach side Sea food Restaurant while enjoying the sunset and scenery with cold drink and a fresh grill fish with live group music by local singer offered international song and the sing title could be request. The sea food cost by weight.


Transport Price US$ 35, Price included:

  • Hotel pick and drop off
  • Fully AC Car, Petrol, parking and English speaking Driver
  • Passenger maximum 6 person Adult and 7 person of Children
  • Tour Duration 5-6 hours
  • Departure Time: 15:00 PM